Green Earth Lux Laundry

After years of desperate attempts to find a quality laundry locally (numerous suits, handbags and winter clothes damaged) a young couple in Saudi Arabia realized that it was time to explore the idea of sustainable local laundry rather than sending the items abroad for cleaning and restoration. It all started with some random scribbling on the notebooks and sticky notes followed by lots of nights, coffee, and ideas. Many hours of research led to the conceptualization of an eco-friendly laundry that focused on the attention to details and high-quality service.


From then after it took 2 years of rigorous training at
one of top luxury laundries in Europe to experience &
learn the skills & art of the business.

Finally as the moment of truth arrived,
we opened our doors in Jan 2020 &
since then never looked back.

We’ve got you covered your laundry needs with premium quality, leave it with us, and we’ll clean it up.