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general information

What are your opening hours?

We are open 9:30 am – 10:30 pm from Saturday to Thursday
We do observe major Holidays, i.e. both Eids’ and the Saudi National Day.

What areas do you operate?

We are currently operating in Jeddah, covers Obhour.
Services in Riyadh is planned for Jan 2021.

Do you charge the pickup & delivery fee?

We offer FREE pick-up and delivery for orders equal or more than SR 75.00. Otherwise, pick-up & delivery fee is SR 20.00 for central Jeddah and SR 30.00 for North or South Jeddah.


How do I request a pick-up service?

Just contact us on WhatsApp. Please, mention your full name and share your pickup location. Our customer care team responds within 2 hours, and in most cases, the pickup is scheduled for the next day

What is the process of the pick up?

Pickups are scheduled a day in advance, a time slot of 2 hours (e.g. 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm) is given to a customer. Our customer care team call you 15 – 30 mins prior a time slot to confirm your availability. The driver comes with 3 separate sanitized bags for laundry, ironing &
leather goods services. As you hand over the items, the driver provides you with goods received receipt (the receipt provides the right number of garments/apparels & client’s full name and phone number).

As the items are dropped at our store, our specialists verify the count, inspects the items for any damages or spots, print an invoice & share invoice soft copy to a client. Once a client agrees with the invoice details, the items are process through Green Earth Lux Laundry
stages of a garment care. In case a client wishes to reject a specific service for the item or cancel the full order, our team returns items without any charges.

When will my item be delivered & which payment methods are used?

Garments are returned after 2 days from the pickup date. So, if the items were picked up on a Saturday, they will be delivered to client by Monday. However, note that leather goods need 10 -15 days to be cleaned or restored.

Payment can be done in cash or card. The driver comes with a portable card machine and also with a cash.


Can I specify how to wash my items?

You can request for it. However, we recommend relying on the expertise of our highly experienced and trained staff to choose the right process of cleaning your garments.

I have some precious/luxury items to be cleaned and I am not sure if your team is carpel to do it?

For luxury/very delicate items we offer Lux-clean service wherein each garment is cleaned individually by our senior supervisor. Also garment cleaned under Luxclean service are insured up to SR 5,000.00/garment. Leather goods, if received with no major damage or colour fade are also insured up to SR 5,000.00/item. For more details please refer to the amage refund chart by clicking here.

Do you separate whites, colours and dark clothes when washing my clothes?

Yes, we sort clothes by colours (white, colours, dark garments) and fabrics types (cotton, linen, silk, wool, polyester, etc).

Will you wash my items seperately?

This facility is offered under the Lux-clean service wherein your garments are washed individually. Also, a complimentary sanitizing cycle will be added for all Lux-clean orders.

Do you offer sanitizing services?

Yes, we do offer ozone or UV sanitization service, you can request this ervice as an add on service with your order. It is charged at SR 5.00/item for regular garments, SR 10.00/item for large garments or bedding and SR 15.00/item for leather goods.

What should I do if my garment has stains or requires special care?

You can point out on the stain or care instruction and we will make sure to pay more attention on it. Unfortunately, not all stains can be cleaned and, in some cases, trying too much might damage the garment fabric or colour. Hence, we have to return the laundered garment with a stain.

May I give you my old hangers?

We would be happy to take your old hangers and recycle them! We also offer a discount on the next order if you give back our cardboard hangers in good condition.

Will my leather shoe/handbag restored as good as new?

Leather cleaning and restoration depend on the wide range of factors such as the leather type, the extent of use, the nature of damage/stain. Surely, the items are not restored to a new condition. However, there is a clear & vivid change before and after our service and we do archive the before and after pictures of leather goods as a reference.


What if some item is not possible to clean or involves a high risk of damage?

Indeed, few items are impossible to clean or cleaning may involve a high risk of damage. In these cases, our team notifies customers before we tend to proceed with the cleaning. In case a customer still insists on cleaning them, the full risk of damage is taken by the customer and the specific items are not covered under any insurance or damage refund policy.

What happens if an item is damaged item?

An internal investigation is carried out to find the root cause of the source of damage, in case the item was damaged due to the negligence or incompetence of our staff & the damage IS NOT REPAIRABLE, a refund is offered based on the following chart

Items condition when received Refund offered in Eco-clean Refund offered in Lux-clean Refund offered in leather care
New (Came in with tags) 100% refund for the value of upto SR 1,000/- 100% refund for the value of upto SR 5,000/- 100% refund for the value of upto SR 5,000/-
Gently used (garment looks almost new, no wear and tear or even any minor fading) 70% refund of the value of the goods up to a max of SR 700/- 70% refund of the value of the goods up to a max of SR 3,500/- 70% refund of the value of the goods up to a max of SR 3,500/-
Used (Have been used more than 5-8 times and show signs of minor wear) 50% refund of the value of the goods up to a max of SR 500/- 50% refund of the value of the goods up to a max of SR 2,500/- 50% refund of the value of the goods up to a max of SR 2,500/-
Well used ( item came in with stains, looose threads, color fade or any other damage) No refund No refund No refund


  • Color leak within the same garments
  • Stained items (received with a stain and the damage occurred while stain removal)
  • Rubber prints
  • Discoloration on arm pits due to sweat or deodrants
  • Damage on artifical beads or stones
  • Any or all damage on zippers
  • Items received with any damage
  • Slight shrinkage from repeated laundering
  • Slight fading or color loss from repeated laundering or cleaning
  • Button damage from repeated laundering or pressing

How may I claim about spoiled item?

Our customer care team has to be informed withing 36 hours of delivery or pick up from the store any item that was found spoiled/damaged. Any claims made later shall not be respond.

What would I do If I am not satisfied with the service?

You can reach our customer care team via the following channels

Email :

Instagram : greenearthlux

Whatsapp : +966 540220523

LandlineNo: 012 2068390

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